In a critical situation there is enough time to do the right thing, but not enough time to be wasted for meaningless communication. Therefore there is a basic, but very effective rule in flying:

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate: first work through the applying procedures in order to stabilize your aircraft. Once this is done for the moment (situation could change), check where you are and correct your heading according your planned route or the route, the situation recommends (e.g. turn 180 ° in non visual conditions / cloud).

Once this is done, it is the right time to report your situation to air traffic control.

What does this mean for your project or business?

Fix the problem, develop and adopt the plan and THEN talk about, not the other way round. This confuses people, that are not involved into the matter. Take the time to Aviate and Navigate! This can be done with FOR-DEC. We will explain this in another post.

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